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Discover Bilbao through the eyes of the Ercilla. We are a hotel forged from the fiery passions of Basque country and grounded in the glamour of its most vibrant heydays. We are a hotel that has been moving in tune with the people, the places, the food and the fun of Bilbao since we first opened our doors in 1972.

As the second hotel to ever grace Bilbao, we helped shape a luxury travel experience that could only ever exist in a city such as this. Today, we uphold that heritage with pride, crafting the most memorable of stays for all who pass through the Ercilla.


Every one of our rooms offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in a uniquely ‘Ercilla’ environment. They channel an unmistakable fusion of Basque culture and Anglo-influences that have, over the decades, made Bilbao and the Ercilla a home from home… For the global glitterati and discerning holidaymakers alike.

Our Rooms

The Ercilla is a place for revelry and intimacy in equal measure, qualities that are embodied in the dining and drinking experiences that seduce both unsuspecting guests and in-the-know locals. The Bar offers a sophisticated retreat from the outside world, while La Terraza is a zeitgeist-capturing rooftop-hotspot.

Dining at Ercilla

The Ercilla has always combined the proud character of a local family business with the adventurous spirit of the international jetset. From day one, the hotel managed to encapsulate the unmistakeable glamour of seventies Bilbao, becoming the centre of the universe for the city’s thriving social, financial, political and cultural crowds.

Our Story

Signature Moments is as sure of itself and as open to possibilities as its name suggests. Its members are those who feel an affinity with the world we have cultivated here, who recognise that between hotel and guest – between restaurant and diner, bar and drinker – there should always exist a two-way dialogue. Members of La Sociedad bring their distinctive character, vibrant ideas and unique expertise to a series of regular events and one-off specials.

Signature Moments

What's on this month

24/12/2022 Ercilla de Bilbao Christmas Menus 2022

Celebrate Christmas meals Ercilla´s style. All our know-how together with traditional dishes that will transport you to the best Christmas atmosphere. Enjoy!

Check the Christmas Eve menu here

Check Christmas Day menu here

31/12/2022 New Year´s Eve Gala Dinner

Special New Year´s eve gala dinner at Ercilla de Bilbao ​​​​​​​​
Cocktail at the lobby & live music at 8:45 pm
Dinner at the Ercilla lounge at 9:30 pm
Chimes with light and sound assembly ​​​​​​​​
Dj & open bar & sweet corner ​​​​​​​​

Menu & programme